Do I love him? 16 signs you see a real future with him

Assume that you have been with your boyfriend for a long time, yet you still are not sure if he is the right one for you. You are wondering if you are wasting time for him or if you two have the real future together. In fact, figuring out if you are with the right person is not easy as it sounds. Life is complicated no matter how much you love your man. You have to consider other factors upon deciding if you have a future together.

How do you know if you really love the guy you are being with? And how do you know the relationship is forever for you? Staying in a committed relationship requires effort. If you are getting stuck with the question “Do I love him?” here’re 16 subtle signs you see of a future with him. Take a look from WikiYeah!

Do I Love Him?

Do I love him

1. You Have Discussed About The Future

When it comes to how to tell if you have a future with your guy, one of the simplest ways is to see if your goals and dreams are really in line with his. You have discussed the chance of marriage, purchasing a house, having children, living abroad, etc. Once you have discussed about them and are not butting heads, then you could say that you have a future with him.

2. You Feel Easy To Communicate With Him

In a romantic relationship, you know that you really love the man when you could share everything with him. He should be the guy whose shoulders are for you when you feel stressed. He should be the one who you can pour your own heart out to. It is important to make sure that you do not fight continually because if you fight, it will be really hard to spend the life together.

3. You Do Not Feel The Itch

Do I love him? If you are asking yourself this question, then ask yourself if the idea of cheating or the chance of being tempted by a certain person has crossed your mind or not. If no, because no other man can measure up to your partner, then it is a sign that you will have a real future with him. Though it could not warrant you a final happy ending, it is absolutely a good start.

4. You Feel Secure When Being Around Him

I am not only talking about financial stability, but about the whole circumstance. If you feel protected, safe and secure with him, then it is totally possible that your relationship will go further. This is also assuming that you offer him the same. [MORE: 10 undeniable signs of a one-sided relationship]

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