Do I love him? 16 signs you see a real future with him

5. You Are Mildly Obsessed

You are concerned about his safety, his wellbeing, and you want to spend much time with him. Though some people look at you as being mildly obsessed, honestly, there is nothing wrong with being interested in the one you are falling in love with.

6. You Live Together And Love It

It is believed that living together before going a further step will help the relationship later on. I am a believer of such idea. How could you tell if you could spend your life with a person without living under the same roof first? If you live together and things are going smoothly, then it is one of signs you see the real future with him.

7. He Treasures You

You deserve to be treated like a queen, yet remember that this has nothing to do with being showered with those materialistic things. You should forget about the fancy rides, bling bling, and champagne showers as in the long term, these are not important. Moreover, you could always purchase them by yourself. If your guy respects you and gives you all of his love, then he is a keeper who is worth keeping.

8. You Are Respected And You Come First

Involving in a relationship means you had better always come first. If he takes your opinion seriously and appreciates your presence, then you have a chance to live a lifetime with him. However, you need to give him space and time to be a man and allow him to hang out with his friends.

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