Do I love him? 16 signs you see a real future with him

9. He Helps You Improve

Among signs he is a keeper, not a player is that he improves you, encourages you to do what you love, and wants to see you happy, in the best physical and mental shape possible. For instance, you can think of dumping him if he pushes you to get a new nose or bigger boobs, yet keeping him if he encourages you to eat and exercise healthily.

10. He Supports You

You do not have to worry about be looked down or teased on if a negative thing occurs, as he will always support you no matter what. That implies you have a future together.

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11. He Makes An Effort To Make You Happy

If your man tries to make you happy in daily life, be it an attempt to leave the toilet seat down, leaving work on time to have a date night with you, then you should appreciate him. These are little things but they matter in a long term relationship.

12. He Could Understand You Without A Need To Say

Another signal that you have a real future together is when your man understands you so well. It is not necessary for you to say a word because he knows how you feel. He could do all things possible to help you get through a bad day or asking what happens, they are signs he loves you truly deeply.

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