Do women like men with beards or facial hair?

Guys, are you wondering if girls like your overgrown scruff? Well, this question is very common among men, really.

Beards might be the most popular and recent trend in regard to male appearance due to the masculinity accompanied with them. However, while men think so, how do women think about this trend?
Whilst each woman might have her special opinion on bushy, thick facial hair of a man, the majority of women share some common views regarding to them. So, if you are looking for the answer of “Do women like men with beards?”, then the article below will give you the answer, including the reasons they like and don’t like male beards. Check out from!

Do women like men with beards

I. Do Women Like Men With Beards – Reasons Women Like Facial Hair

The answer is Yes. Actually, in my opinion, male beards are attractive. Nevertheless, each “yes” is often followed by the clause “if”. And, if your facial hair or beard are belonged to the followings, then chances are women will love it.

1. Full Beard

Women just like your beard if it could grow thick and full as it looks best as it is. If your beard covers the lower half of your own face, not the type which just looks half there. The reasons lie in your genes. Actually, women like full beards as it shows that the man has much more testosterone. Wow, this induces them to think that guy can produce healthy, strong children.
Despite that not all women when looking at beards will think about having babies of the guy, there is really a biological element behind that favorite of women.

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2. Well-Kept

Do women like men with beards? Yes, if it is well-kept. This is very important. No one likes a man who is not good at keeping himself hygiene. If your beard is combed, shampooed, then women will like it. It not only looks better, but also shows that you put your effort and time into something – which is attractive.

3. Well-Shaped

The next “if” when it comes to the answer of “Do women like men with beards?” is a well-shaped beard. It is a must. Your beard should be trimmed in the appropriate shape. By keeping your beard shaped well to your face, women will also appreciate your aesthetic view.

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4. It Is More Than Stubble

When asking a large number of women about the length of beards in men they find sexiest, they said that it should be a little more than stubble. It will look like you have not shaved your beard for a week. You will look like a hot mess and women love it.

5. Suitable For The Shape Of Your Face

Face shapes are verified among men and some do not luckily have a strong enough face shape to fit with beard. So, if you are a man with a thin face without strong bone structure, then a beard is not for you as your face will get loss beneath it.

6. It Contributes Your Look

This is another must. Your beard will be great if it could contribute to your look. Just be honest, most of time it will, and women will definitely like it. Yet, if it makes you not better, then ditch it.

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II. Do Women Like Men With Beards – Reasons Women Don’t Like Male Facial Hair

While a lot of women might like your facial hair or beard for the reasons above, there are some cases that women don’t like it. If your beard is among the followings, you should shave it off.

1. Patchy

Absolutely, this is not cute, sexy or attractive at all. If you have beard on the neck with barren cheeks, then it is not a good idea. Maybe, you should shave it off all.

2. Straggly And Thin

Some men have thin beard or facial hair, so their beards are straggly and thin-looking. This makes them look like such a terrible serial killer and of course, women will stay away from those men with that beard.

3. Too Long

Well, come on, men. You could not rock a beard which is two-foot in length as this just makes you look older than you really are, like a 50-year-old man. So, don’t do it.

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4. Uneven

Do women like men with beards which are uneven? Absolutely, no. Your beard should be trimmed and evened out. If your beard is over the right place, then women will not like it. Hence, just trim it up and they will like it.

5. Not Suitable For Your Face

This means various things, like your hair color, and your face shape. Your hair color is completely different from your beard color, then you should shave it off. Women do not like it.

Some Other Possible Reasons Of Why Women Don’t Like Male Beards:

• It hurts.
• It is not hygienic.
• It messes the bathroom.
In fact, beards could be very attractive and sexy when it comes to relationships and physical attraction, yet they could be very unattractive. In order to find out which cases you are in, check out the whole categories above and you will get the best answer for your question!