Does she love me? 14 subtle signs she is head over heels for you

You are dating a woman who is your dream and thinking of her just make your heart flutter. However, you still wonder does she love you. Sometimes, it is hard to know how she really feels. Telling someone that you love them is really a big step. The last thing you want is to be rejected, or to have your fragile heart crushed when the girl of your dream does not say it back – or even worse, dumps you.

If you are wondering “Does she love me?”, then don’t skip this article because here we from will reveal to you 14 ways to know if she is head over heels for you.

Does She Love Me? Check Out These 14 Signs

Does she love me

1. She Wants To Get To Know About Your Friends

If she shows an interest in your friends, then it is definitely a sign she falls in love with you. Being caring and thoughtful, and really listening to you are clear signs. If she makes an attempt to show her care for your friends in order to impress you, then she loves you.

2. You Have Good Travel Journeys Together

Trips are a big test of your relationship’s health. If you are wondering whether or not she loves you, then take a break to go to somewhere with her to see how she feels when being around you. If during the trip, you fight and bicker continually, she might not be the one for you.

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3. She Checks You Out

Whether you have just been dating for a short amount of time, your girl should think you are very attractive. If you catch her see you with an appraising eye, then it implies she is into you completely.

4. You Want The Same Things From The Relationship

It is a good idea to have a conversation about beliefs and goals of the relationship as early as possible. You will go nowhere if sticking with a woman who has an entirely different view of the life, and expects different things from life. Sharing the same respecting and values, caring, and loving the similar things indicate that you are a winner.

5. She Talks About You

Have you heard that she talks about you positively to her colleagues, friends, or just about anyone that will listen? If yes, then it suggests that she is head over heels for you. She feels excited to tell the whole world about you and would like to let people know that she has the greatest man in the world. [MORE: signs you are with the wrong person]

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