Does she love me? 14 subtle signs she is head over heels for you

6. She Supports And Believes In You

What I mean is that if your woman loves you, then she will show you by supporting you in all what you do. She definitely believes in you and has a confidence that you could do whatever you want and be whoever you would like to be.

Whenever you feel unsure of something or even yourself, she will be right there for you, support you and give you the confidence.

7. You Talk About The Future

If you two could sit down and talk about plans about the future, be it a marriage, children or even a vacation that you want to go to on the next summer, and it feels like the most normal and natural thing in this world, it means that you two are in love with each other.

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8. She Sacrifices For You

She wants to make you happy. If she has to sacrifice something in order to make you feel happy, she will not hesitate to do it. However, you should also return the favor.

9. She Likes You As The Person You Are

Does she love me? She really likes you when she does not look for you to be different. She will not put the effort to try to change you, yet accepts you as the person you are. If she constant nags at you or puts you down about the things that she does not like, then chances are it is not a true love, but just an attachment.

10. She Does Not Play The Games

The woman who really loves you is not going to mess around. She is not keen on toying with your feelings or playing games. She is serious about your emotions and wants to let you know that she wants to be with you.

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