10 biggest DON’TS of a relationship

What are the biggest don’ts of a relationship? What if someone can give you a list of the things you should not do in a romantic relationship? Is there anything that should not ever be happened in a relationship for a better momentum? Here’s a list of 10 biggest DON’TS of a relationship you should avoid at all cost in order to minimize the risk of fights or negative events. Take a look from Wikiyeah.com! Some information in this entry is referred from Huffingtonpost and Psychologytoday.

Biggest Don’ts Of A Relationship – 10 Worst Things To Do

DON’TS of a relationship

1.Take Your Loved One As A Possession

Your partner is not like you younger sibling, so you should not treat them like you posses them. Your partner as well as their wishes should be respected and cherished. There are many couples breaking up as they try to take control of their partner, without realizing. As a result, this act pushes them further away from each other. This does not mean that you could not guide or suggest your partner. In fact, you should do it as it is what to do in a committed relationship but the deciding power will stay with your partner.

2. Take Them For Granted

One of the biggest but also most common mistakes couples make is taking one another for granted. When doing that, it is obvious to the other person. Nothing will last forever if you just keep assuming that without any attempt or recognition, your partner will still be with you. If you do not appreciate your partner for both the little and big things, they will start looking for the appreciation from someone else. Appreciate them and do not take things that they do as their task. Once your partner decides to be compromising, caring and loving, they do it as they love you and they trust that you deserve it. In return, you had better also give them your equal appreciation.

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3. Share Everything About Your Relationship With Others

Among big don’ts of a relationship, knowing where to take the advice is important. You should be careful when discussing your relationship with a certain friend. It is alright to share something with them to help you clarify things, yet not everything is good to share. There are a few things between you and your partner that should be only yours. Sharing intimate details of your relationship will cause people to take your own relationship as something that could be commented on freely. When it starts occurring too much, it might hurt your partner and you as well. So, know what to keep personal.

4. Act According To How Someone Else Is In Their Relationship

We usually begin taking too many consultation and advice from other people who are not in the same situation as us. In reality, we usually listen to how people around talk about their relationships and begin to look down on our own. I have seen a lot of my friends listening to a female friend flaunting how her guy got her something, this makes them feel bad about their relationships. Those people who were entirely content with their romantic relationships just two minutes ago then suddenly become unhappy and insecure. When this occurs people tend react in negative ways, be it feeling jealous or unappreciated. Whenever you hear someone say that, try to listen but at the same time, remind yourself of the things that you have whereas they do not. Be thankful and you will never feel unappreciated.

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