10 biggest DON’TS of a relationship

5. Scream

It is crucial that you and your partner definite the border lines not to be crossed in arguments. Every problem is solved through words. Even if eventually it has to be solved through words, why yell and scream at one another? Yelling or screaming makes even the most logical saying seem illogical and harsh. Hence, make a point through your own words, not your own pitch. That way, you will be surprised at how easily things could be handled upon talking it out rather than fighting or yelling.

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6. Act Out Of Anger – Just Think Before Acting

When it comes to biggest don’ts of a relationship, not acting out of anger is crucial. Relationships are often challenged by small and big misunderstandings. Do not keep silent about these misunderstandings and react without talking it out with your partner. However, there are some things not to say when fighting and you should acknowledge them. Misunderstandings could happen anywhere and that is a test of relationships. Keep yourself calm and not instantly accept something that you know superficially as the complete truth. If there is something bothering you about your loved one, then sensibly confront them. The majority of things that are done out of anger will be likely end up as a disaster.

7. Let Past Get Involved

This is often associated with an ex. As mentioned earlier, involving your ex in your current relationship is not a good idea. Sometimes, people involve their exes in order to make their current partner a little bit jealous or we compare them to
At times, we involve our ex’s to make our partner a little jealous or at times they compare them with their partner, either cases we are just harming their exes or themselves. However, what is worse is when you do not let things go and somehow keep in touch with them despite knowing that it will bother your partner.

If this issue bothers your partner, then it is necessary for you to decide whom you want in life more – your ex or your partner? [MORE: A detailed guide to understand men’s mind – What Men Secretly Want ebook]

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