10 biggest DON’TS of a relationship

8. Exaggerate And Lie

If you are easily to lie or exaggerate things in order to solve problems, then you need to learn how to stop lying. Lying is not a good solution to any problem. Despite it can help you out temporarily, it just causes problems in the long term. There are two ways that lying or exaggerating things could do harm to your relationship. The first happens when your lies begin to get caught. Even when you say that it originates with the purest intentions, once they get caught, they will never be appreciated. Your loved one will slowly begin to lose trust in you, even when you tell the truth, they may suspect your statement. The second happens when you begin to lie as a habit. You will feel familiar to it and finally end up with lying in even important matters. Telling the truth may hurt in the short term but it will always bring you good things in the long run. It is considered as the hardest but right thing you should do.

9. Try To Change Your Partner

Many people try to change their partner after being involved in the relationship for a certain amount of time. If you are among them, then you are wrong. Your partner is a mature person and you met them and liked them as the way they are, both good and bad sides. It is not natural for your partner to not have anything irritating or angering you. Nothing in this world is perfect, we have to find the type of imperfection we could put up with.  Those small imperfections can make your partner special and unique, so do not try to change them. It is not fair with them if you knew something about them when you began the relationship but now want to change it.

10. Let Your Partner Feel Ignored Or Less Attractive Than Someone

This may seem small yet usually causes many problems. Your partner is the one who wants to be great in your eyes. They want to be the best in your eyes. Therefore, it is great to always admire your partner. Make them feel special, wanted and appreciated. Avoid things that make your partner feel hurt. Make them feel that there is not anyone else who could be the way they are or come close to how they are. Express and show your love for your partner and the things you appreciate and love about them.

Well, now let me know that how many of these 10 DON’TS are you having? Of course, no one is perfect, you may have some of these don’ts but as always, stay blessed and keep your love alive!

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