34 early pre menopause symptoms and signs in women to watch for

There is a wide range of menopause symptoms in women, which affect approximately 70% of women who are approaching menopause. Actually, the symptoms of menopause are not difficult to miss. Some women undergo menopause without any unpleasant symptoms, while other might find menopause symptoms debilitating, starting even during the pre-menopause and lasting for many years.

In general, there are totally 34 menopause symptoms and the personal list of menopause symptoms of each woman will vary. The menopause symptoms often last for the time length of this transition, yet they could also after women in later life.

If you are looking for a full checklist of most common early pre and pose menopause symptoms in women, then you are at the right place as the article below will show you a list of signs and symptoms of menopause. Check out now from Wikiyeah.com!

Menopause symptoms in women
Menopause symptoms in women

Common menopause symptoms:

1. Hot flashes

2. Loss of libido

3. Night sweats

4. Irregular periods

5. Vaginal dryness

6. Mood swings

Changes and pains:

7. Fatigue and tiredness

8. Menopause sleep disorders

9. Hair thinning or hair loss

10. Difficult in focusing

11. Memory lapses

12. Weight gain

13. Dizziness

14. Incontinence

15. Bloating

16. Increased odds of allergies

17. Weakened fingernails

18. Changes in body odor

19. Depression

20. Bouts or quick heart rate

21. Anxiety

22. Irritability

23. Pain in breasts

24. Feeling of dread

25. Headaches

26. Muscle tension and painful joints

27. Digestive disorders

28. Electric shock sensation

29. Syndrome of burning mouth

30. Gum problems

31. Crawly, itching skin

32. Promoted tension in most muscles

33. Tingling extremities

34. Osteoporosis (in later years)

Actually, menopause is the unique experience yet most females will be impacted by a large combination of menopause symptoms from the list above. Nevertheless, some symptoms might be much more common than others as mentioned before.

On the other hand, each problem listed above affects menopausal females to varying levels. Most women undergo the symptoms in this list whilst still having periods because changes in hormone levels could trigger these symptoms.

About 70% of women will undergo the combination of symptoms from the checklist of menopause symptoms mentioned above.

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So What Leads To Such A Long List Of Menopause Symptoms?

In fact, the series of early menopause symptoms originates from a big source of worry and concerns for many women worldwide. These symptoms are mainly resulted by a reduction in the production of hormones, including estrogen and progesterone, which take control of ovulation and menstruation. When a female undergoes menopause, their ovaries will become inactive. As a result, it triggers a lot of health issues listed above.