6 Effective communication tips for couples for healthy relationships

Communication can be clear or vague, open or guarded, honest or dishonest – it can even be spoken or unspoken. Couples handle with multiple stressors, such as occupation and work stress, family, financial stress. These dynamics could put a big strain on communication by enhancing the likelihood of disagreements and arguments. Therefore, in order to communicate effectively, it is better for you to follow some communication tips for couples so you can build healthy relationships. Here they are:

1. Spend Time Talking Together

Keep the conversation light, and do not try to deal with tough subjects like the family budget. During these times, you should communicate by sharing, laughing and enjoy each other’s company. You had better schedule a time to talk about tough subjects, giving more time to prepare your own thoughts, concerns and ideas. This will help you avoid unnecessary arguments as well as resentment.

2. Be An Effective Listener

In fact, communication includes two main parts, listening and expressing yourself. Are women always the talkers? Not necessarily, although there is evidence that men and women process language differently. Whether you are the talker or the non-talker, learn to practice active listening. In order to become a more effective listener, you should follow these techniques:

  • Listen… do not talk: you should give your partner an opportunity to get his / her own ideas and opinion across. You should listen to understand instead of spending time on preparing for your defense.
  • Do not interrupt. Spend time on listening your partner and let him / her finish what he or she is saying.
  • Do not judge and jump to conclusions too early
  • Try to empathize and put yourself into your partner’s shoes
  • Think before saying anything in response, particularly when you have a strong emotional response
  • Beware of the non-verbal signs and clues, both yours and your partner’s
  • Be open to hearing that you might not have heard precisely what he / she said
  • Do not give advice if you are not asked for it

3. Focus On Yourself

This seems so rare. With most couples, one person often is victimized by the other. As a result, the central of many of their discussions is on blaming each other. Just avoid the temptation to lapse into accusing, attacking, criticizing or blaming your partner.

4. Reveal Your Personal Wants

People often feel embarrassed to talk about their wants. Fact is, many of us have grown up feeling ashamed of our wants. However, the more that you communicate on this level, the more in touch with yourself you will be. Share the details of your daily life or talk about meaningful issues. Many couples make it a point to drink a glass of wine in the evening for relaxing and talking about their day’s events while others spend time taking a walk together.

5. Admire Your Partner’s Strengths – Overlook The Little Things

It is great if every day; you can tell your partner how much you admire one of his / her strengths. Everyone loves to be appreciated, and sharing your good thoughts will bring about the positive effect on your own relationship as well as your partner’s self-esteem. Keep in mind that you should make sure that the quality you highlight actually is a strong point as he / she may doubt your sincerity.

In other words, you should also be willing to overlook those pesky behaviors as after all those are what make your partner unique.

6. Say “I Love you” Often

Maybe the fastest way to a person’s heart is simply to say “I love you”. The most successful couples say “I love you” several times per day.

It is really not easy to get those words out as some people grew up in those families where love was not expressed verbally and the development of technology-driven world of mobile phones and e-mail and texting makes it difficult to look into your partner’s eyes and tell them how you feel. However, when you look into your partner’s eyes and say “I love you”, your brain releases oxytocin which is the bonding hormone for strengthening your romantic relationship.

Whatever you do, make sure your partner knows just how important he or she is to you.