16 subtle emotional affair signs you might not notice

Emotional affairs could be as destructive as physical affair. Even, they seem murkier and hard to resolve. Oftentimes, they are harder to pinpoint than sexual or physical affair. It often starts as a friendship and could be confusing afterwards. It is very important to define where a friendship crosses the line. Emotional affairs are exciting. Many people associate emotional affair with harmless flirting which is sexy, fun and makes them feel much more confident about themselves as well as their conversational skills. However, many of them do not even realize that their harmless flirting turns into emotional infidelity in some days. Most of us are. Thus, it is crucial to acknowledge some emotional affair signs to find out whether or not you are having one. Fortunately, WikiYeah has gathered some of noticeable and subtle emotional affair signs helping answer your big question. Take a look!

Emotional Affair Signs – 16 Clear And Subtle Signals

Emotional affair signs

1. You Keep Distance With That Person When Your Lover Is Around

For most of us, we don’t realize when the friendship is crossed the line. You are friendly with a certain good friend, yet subconsciously, you two keep distance from one another where there is your lover. Awkwardness is available in your conversations if your lover is there.

2. You Spend Too Much Emotional Energy On That Person

Have you noticed that you are spending too much emotional energy on that special person? You seem to end up sharing something that you do not even share with your lover, be it hope or dream – the things that really connect you to your lover.

3. You Feel Excited To Share News With That Person

Do you feel excited to share something new with this person? If yes, chances are you are having an emotional infidelity. This is one of the most overlooked emotional affair signs. That “something” could be your review of a new movie or gossiping about another colleague or classmate.

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4. You Want To Talk

One of the most clear emotional affair signs is the need of talking with that person. If you feel incomplete when you do not have chances to talk or speak to that person for a few days. Even when you enjoy your holiday, you still wonder what that person is doing. [MORE: 10 signs you are not in love anymore]

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