Eye contact flirting – 10 best moves to follow

5. Convey Your Feelings

Maybe, your crush might assume your glance is just occasional. Yet, when he/she catches your glance a few times, he/she will understand that you notice him/her. However, avoid staring for more than a second as you will kill off the excitement.

6. Build The Excitement

After having your crush look back at you to check if you are still staring, you need to build excitement. Stop staring for a few minutes to wait for him/her stare at you now and then. This is an art of eye contact flirting you should not skip.
Your crush will wonder why you do not stare anymore and might start to look at you much more often. By this way, you trigger his interest of building the staring game.

7. Glance While You Are Laughing

After seeing him look at you a few times, look at him when you are laughing. When the crush sees you laughing, it will give him/her the impression that you are approachable and he/she will feel less “threatened” when he/she wants to make a move. When you laugh, glance up at him. But, you should give him “personal” smile prior to looking away. To put in simple words, stop laughing, and then continue smiling. Let he know that you just smile particularly for him.


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