Eye contact flirting – 10 best moves to follow

8. Give Him/Her The “Look” When He/She Smiles Back

If your crush is interested in you, they will smile back. However, when they have been watching you, they smile back at you, you now should give them the “look”. Make use of the curved, sexy grin along with a flirtatious “look up and down and then up once again” glance. He will know that you are into him.

9. Wait A Little Bit

Keep doing what you did. Keep joking and laughing with your friends and have a good time. Now and then, look up at him/her again and smile sweetly. Yet, avoid being overzealous about that. Make sure that he/she sees you glancing at him/her, yet do not stare.

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10. When You Are Going To Leave, Make Sure They Notice

This is an important eye contact flirting move that will decide if you can accelerate the flirting process furthermore. Do not slip out with your friends whilst he/she is getting another beverage or while he/she goes to the restroom. You need to make sure that he/she sees you leave. This will allow you him/her to get your number.
Eye contact flirting is fun and exciting if you do it the right way. If done wrong, you might end up losing the chance of building the connection with your crush. Apply these 10 tips on eye contact flirting to avoid going wrong in your relationship.

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