9 crucial facts about depression and suicide

There are a lot of things you should know about depression to better understand about it to help not only yourself, but someone else in need.  It is shown that depression is always the cause of suicide. Two of every three people who commit suicide are depressed at the time they take their lives. Nevertheless, alcoholism might play a role in 1 in 3 completed suicides.

Main depression is the psychiatric diagnosis most popularly associated with suicide, with 20 times the risk discovered in the general population. Read on this article in Wikiyeah.com to discover facts about depression and suicide so you will be able to open up your mind about this increasingly common issue in recent days.

Facts About Depression – Things You Should Know About Depression

Facts about depression

1. Depresion Is A Disease

One of the most crucial facts about depression is that it is a disease, which is very real. Those people who struggle with depression should be remedied with the same compassion offered to those who are suffering from any other “socially acceptable” ailment. Via brain scans, doctors can detect that the frontal lobes of those people with depression display lower activity levels than those who do not have depression. Thus, even though you might be able to detect it with your real eyes, its existence should not be discredited. [Read: how to overcome depression fast]

2. Depression Can Lead To Many Problems

When it comes to facts about depression, this is one of the most overlooked. Depression which is not treated could enhance the risk of developing other ailments, containing stroke, heart disease, respiratory, and conditions of the nervous system. And, physical illnesses that you had could be made worse. Getting out your bed could be difficult when you are depressed. People often think that depression just impacts the human mind, yet it is a big misconception. Though depression starts from the mind, it, in fact, impacts people in different aspects – emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. [Read: how to stay positive and happy in tough times]

3. No One Is Immune

It does not matter you are poor or rich, extroverted or introverted, white or black, man or woman, depression might not discriminate. You could have a wonderful material life and still be depressed. This condition is one of the most popular mental issues available in the world today. [Read: steps to change your life for the better]

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