Interesting & funny facts about men: know how to read men’s mind

When it comes to guys and relationships, many women might not pay attention to what men think. It is funny how men have gotten away for so long saying they do not understand women, but the reverse does not seem to be voiced. It is because women want to save their face and never really admit that they do not understand their men either. So, what are facts about men that women need to know?

For girls, understanding a man might need more than just experience. In fact, as a girl, you can date several guys, yet that still will not help you understand them better. In order to really get to know a guy, you had better have fun, intellectual conversations with him and try to understand how he thinks along the way. These top funny and interesting facts about men below will change your mind as to how man-savvy you think you are. Just try to read through these facts about men collected by and then relate them with the guy in your life or the guy you like.

15 Interesting Facts About Men – Women Must Know

Facts about men

1. Fact About Weight

This is the first one in the list of facts about men that women need to know. It is shown that 42% of guys say they would be less attracted to their girlfriend or wife if she gained weight. No surprise there. [Read: ways to burn fat and lose weight]

2. Fact About Cleanliness

We all know that men are often less cleanly than women, yet one of facts about men that you will not love knowing will be revealed right here. A survey showed that 20% of single men just change their bed linens one per month. Perhaps, that is why they are single, right? [Read: why do men blow hot and cold]

3. Fact About Sex

According to a survey, one of interesting facts about men is relating to sex. It maintained that about 17% of men have only ever slept with one person. Well, if so, we hope that they changed their bed sheets afterward.

On the other hand, guys are attracted to porn from a young, even very young age. They, in reality, are curious to get to know everything about the female anatomy, and they also always feel curious, even when they are in a serious relationship with a great girl. Therefore, it is one of the interesting facts about men; you should not hate him for it if it does not turn on addiction.

Guys love sex. However, that does not mean that they are always willing and ready for it. You should not push it against a wall and expect that his package to get ready and firm in just a second. If you put too much pressure on him, then he might lose an erection.

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