7 myths and facts about self harm – read up

Is self-harm a suicide attempt? How many facts about self harm do you know? Oftentimes, people are aware of self harming as something which is not talked about enough. This topic is avoided by many people, the number of those people who self harm is drastically increasing in recent days. Read up this article about myths and facts about self harm, including what it is, how it works, who often does it, and how to get help, from Wikiyeah.com!

7 Facts About Self Harm – Myths And Basic Information

1. What Is Self Harm?

When it comes to facts about self harm, people often define self harm in different ways. Often, self-harm is defined as someone deliberately hurting themselves without wanting to die. Sometimes, it is called deliberate self-injury or non-suicidal self-injury. There are many common myths about self harm. The most common is self harm is a sign of suicide attempt. Involving in self-harming activities might not mean that someone really wants to die. It is a behavior used to face with painful or difficult feelings.

This problem is rather common and most people begin self-harming as a young adult. It could continue for a lot of years and become a habit difficult to stop.

Here are some examples of self-harm:

  • Cutting the skin using sharp objects
  • Burning the skin
  • Taking an overdose of drinking poison or medication
  • Hitting the body using fists or other objects
  • Picking or scratching the skin, leading to bleeding or welts
  • Pulling out the hairs
  • Punching walls as well as other objects

Among the examples above, cutting seems to be the most common form of self-harm. To self harm, no specific way needs to be used. People are self harming if they are deliberately causing themselves painful feelings or physical pain.

Another myth about self harm that people are misunderstanding is that self harm is done to get the attention. It is not always true. Many people self harming go to great lengths to hide their pain. It is usually only discovered by accident. The person self harming might be looking for kindness, understanding, or acceptance, rather than attention. [Read: how to overcome depression fast]

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