Top 10 hottest female body parts men love are exposed

3. Breasts

This might be one of the most obvious female body parts men love. A revealing cleavage could absolutely be all it takes for a guy to purchase a female too many beverages. Most females having bigger boobs tend to flaunt it, and guys have no complaint there.

Worried that your boobs are too small/big/real/fake? Well, normally guys do not care about that so much. They are the boobs attached to you and that makes them happily enjoy. If a guy is not into your boobs, then he might be not worth being into.

4. Lips

Plumper and fuller-looking lips make a guy take a second glance. Nevertheless, you should not be mistaken – most men do not dig extremely bright or dark shades of lipstick which call the attention away from other parts of your face. Thus, you should keep it simple. [Read: how to get pink lips]

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