Top 10 hottest female body parts men love are exposed

7. Hair

The hair of a woman is usually thought as a defining feature. On the average, men loved nice healthy hair. The majority of men love longer thick hair while other men had their own preferences. However, long hair seems to have a preference over short hair. According to some men, they love it when a female plays with her hair whilst having a conversation with him. In reality, it is a combination of smiling, playing with the hair and moving the body.

8. Stomach And Bellybutton

Men love a well-shaped woman. The stomach is among the sexiest body parts. Men are attracted to the softness of the human skin in the torso area and many men mentioned that they like some muscle and ab definition yet not too much. They also love some feminine curve in that area.

In other words, some men also mentioned nice looking belly buttons. Tattoo on the stomach were not a favorite. Actually, men prefer small tattoos or none at all. [Read: flat belly foods]

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