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The hand muscles might be small compared to larger muscle groups in the legs, chest, and back, yet they serve a significant role for daily activities and functioning. Weak hands might result from medication conditions like accidents, arthritis, or poor fitness. These in general might impair the ability of lifting and holding on subjects as well as knit, do woodwork or even write. Thus, if you are suffering from this condition, it is better for you to learn some finger and hand strengthening exercises which could protect your hands from weakening. Wikiyeah.com introduces top easy-to-follow hand strengthening exercises you could start doing right now. Check them out!

8 Best Hand Strengthening Exercises

1. Press It Out

Hand Strengthening Exercises - Press It Out

Finger presses could strengthen the intrinsic muscles within your fingers, thumb and palm of the hands. Strong thumbs and fingers will help you pick up and hold on to those small as well as large subjects like necklaces, pens, and books. You could do this exercise by simply pressing the thumb to your fifth fingertip for approximately 5 seconds. You should repeat with digits 1-4 by pressing the thumb to fingertip. Do this routine for 3 times each finger and twice per day to get the best results.

2. Get Some Wrist Action

When it comes to hands strengthening exercises, wrist flexion and extension exercises are very effective. This could improve the range of motions as well as enhance the strength in your hands, containing the fingers and wrists. The wrist flexor and extensor tendons cross the wrist joint into your hand, therefore impaired mobility restricts the motion of the hand, leading to weakness. Strengthen your wrist flexors by sitting and standing with the elbow bent and palm facing up, hold a light weight which might leave you fatigued for 10 repetitions. The elbow and forearm should remain steady when you curl the wrist up, pause then lower. Repeat the routines 10 times for about 3 sets. You should train the wrist extensor muscles by flipping the forearm over so the palm will face down. Then, bend the wrist to bring your hands up, then pause, lower and start repeating about 10 times for total 3 sets.

3. Squeeze It

Hand Strengthening Exercises - Squeeze It


Squeezing a ball is a good exercise to strengthen your hand muscles. You will also enhance your grip strength when practicing this exercise. You can do this with a small ball which fits into your palm, like a tennis ball. Then, wrap the fingers around the ball and squeeze the hands as hard as you could, barring any discomfort or pain. You should hold for about 3-5 seconds and repeat the routine from 2 to 3 times each day. [Read: best natural tired eyes treatment]

4. Rice Digging

This is one of the little-known hand strengthening exercises you could practice. Also, it is an ancient martial arts technique which has found its way into a number of modern MMA and boxing gyms.

First, you get a large tub of rice. Then, you keep all of your fingers together and straight, and start digging your hands into the rice

When you bring the hands back, you could grab a handful of rice in each of your hand and start squeezing, then release. You need to repeat the exercise for many times as you could. The more you practice it, the tougher your hands will get as it will build calluses all over the hands and toughen the skin. Also, it is very therapeutic. [Read: best eye exercises to improve vision]

5. Wall Punching

Hand Strengthening Exercises - Wall Punching

In this list of hand strengthening exercises, this is another ancient martial arts technique that you can practice at home. It will strengthen the tiny bone fragments in your first.

First, you need to find one solid flat wall which has the same height as your body. Then, you hand a large stack of some newspapers in front of the wall. It should be at least 1-2 inches thick when presses down. After that, you start punching the wall continuously and gently with one of your hands, from 10 inches away. Promote the distances as well as the power if you could. Do not punch the world with over force. Just use only 1/3 of your whole power. Then, switch the hands and repeat. When the newspapers get worn out, you can modify them around.

6. Hand Grip Exercise

The next one in the list of hand strengthening exercises are hand grip exercise. This is simple and common for hand strength improving. It will help you improve resistance, strengthen the muscles within your forearms, enhance the hand endurance, improve dexterity, and promote the ability of doing daily tasks like type, writing, and carrying things.

7. Push Up Using Fingers And Fists

Hand Strengthening Exercises - Push Up Using Fingers And Fists

You have probably seen this type of exercise before or have done it your own. It is so simple because it is a regular push up which uses all of the fingers and the fists rather than the palms.

Doing this hand strengthening exercise could help improve your wrist and fingers as well. In case you find it rather hard to practice on the ground which is hard, perform it on the soft towel at first. [Read: exercises to get rid of cellulite]

8. Thin Gloves On Heavy Bag

This is a small yet effective tip when it comes to hand strengthening exercises. You can get a pair of gardening gloves, and cut the fingertips. Then, make sure that your hands are well wrapped adequately and appropriately. Then, you punch the heavy bag with just straight punches; avoid putting your full power into the shots as you could damage your hands or wrists. If you use big gloves, you will condition the arms, yet they could not condition your knuckles. However, this exercise will.

These are top 8 simple-to-follow hand strengthening exercises that you could make use right instantly in your own home. Do you have any your own great exercises? Share your ideas with us below.

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