8 Flirting and dating tips for shy guys that worked

If your natural-born bashful tendencies are keeping your single, then now you can say goodbye to a single life. While you might sometimes feel uncertain, anxious, or insecure when it comes to dating, the fact is that the right type of woman will be able to appreciate your own unassuming ways. The following flirting and dating tips will allow you to build self-confidence when flirting girls.

1. Look For The Like-Minded Mates

Having common shared circumstances and interests makes it easier to break the ice. Besides, you will be more likely to pick the events that you will both love. In case you are not a member of a club or group, then you can consider joining in one.

2. Change The Way You Look At “Rejection”

Most men make a woman’s response to them mean something about them personally. Fact is, a woman acts bitchy or cold to them and they make it mean something about them as a man. However, when a woman “rejects” you, it really has nothing to do with you. It was not about you. Instead, you used a wrong approach when flirting her. It is nothing personal. Thus, be grateful for her feedback whether positive or negative and never take it personal.

3. Stay In Your Comfort Zone

Until you could gain more confidence about your relationship, you should look for the situations where you know your way around. Nevertheless, that does not mean you have to go to the same place every time. Just pick an open-ended, informal even with not schedule agenda, such as street fair. In other words, you should also stay open to ideas that stretch a little beyond the tried and true.

4. Prepare

If you are a shy guy, then you should avoid any surprise. Before going to the dating place, you can scout it out and do a run-through. Find out how much money you need for tickets, food, or souvenirs. Moreover, it is better for you to have a backup plan. However, do not script the whole date.

5. Fake It Till You Make It

If you are a shy guy, you need to begin projecting self-confidence upon handling with women, even if you do not fully feel it yet. Just remember that confidence is different than boasting and bragging. A confident man could comfortably make his eye contact with a normal stranger, offer a friendly smile, and even strike up a casual conversation without full of himself or seeming phony. Try practicing making and maintaining eye contact with a member of the other gender everyday of a week. The next week, you can add friendly smile to your current efforts. Once that feels natural, begin saying hello. By the time your meet a girl who is interesting, you will be willing to confidently ask her out.

6. Retrain The Brain

If in the past you used to have negative beliefs about dating, then let go of any dating disappointments as well as other drama you have experienced. The past is just the past. Believe that future success of dating is really possible for you. If you think positively, you will engage the law of attraction. After that, you begin attracting happy, healthy, and confident women into your own life. For more confident, you could practice this exercise. Every morning, when waking up and before hitting a hay, say to yourself that “Dating is easy” or “Dating is fun”, etc. The main point is to retrain your brain until you could really embrace your new belief.

7. Be Your Best Self

After faking confidence and retraining your brain, you should strive to become your best self. Acting and behaving as though you are comfortable in your own skin. This might take time to get familiar with. Every day, you work with the purpose of becoming the best version of yourself. To do so, you can hit the gym to lose several excess pounds, splurging on some stylish new wardrobe pieces that make you feel better about yourself, or taking in a new language class or communicating class. Women are naturally drawn to those men who genuinely to like themselves without being arrogant and boastful.

8. Work On Your Body Language

If you are in the habit of slouching whilst walking, shoving your hands into your pocket, or staring at the ground, you need to pay more attention to your body language as a manner of boosting your self confidence. Put a smile all through the conversation whenever you are talking to the woman you are interested in.

Dating is not easy, especially with shy ones; nevertheless, if you can take control of the circumstance by preparing properly then you will be a man who is confident in the eyes of the woman you love.