12 flirty moves women do but men actually hate

You have read a lot of dating tips for girls, which suggest some flirty moves in order to reel guys in, yet do those moves all work for your case? Actually, some work but some do not.
Fact is, seduction is an art that creates a profitable effect on our society today. With hundreds of dating guides for girls and guys out there and thousands of dating websites available on the Internet nowadays, it is very easy to find some tips on the art of flirting. Actually, there are a variety of ways that women could flirt, yet some of them are timeless. Some of the most common but effective flirting tips focus on:

Eye contact
• Complimenting
• Smile
• Touch
• Buying some drinks

When it comes to learning how to seduce a man without words, basically, these flirty moves are rather easy, and every one of us knows that those tips work. Yet, not every of us can make it work. Some flirt moves might be limited just for a specific age group, and some moves could just be done by professional girls. Some women are not confident enough to do some of those moves naturally and sincerely, thereby making men find awkward most times.

So, if you are among those women and are wondering what flirty moves women do but men hate, then you are at the right place. Here, from WikiYeah, we introduce to you some flirty moves that women think are cute but men hate. Take a quick look!

flirty moves women do but men actually hate

1. Arrange Boobs

Of course, if it is an emergency, then it is acceptable. But, remember that there is always be a rest room around you, or at least a secluded, dark corner where you could rearrange your girly parts in their exact place.
In fact, arranging boobs in the public might show that you are lacking of social etiquette. Also, men do not find that move sexy. It makes them feel awkward, actually.

2. Lick The Lips Too Suggestively

The next one when it comes to flirt moves women do but men hate is continually licking the lips suggestively. It is pleasing if you lick your lips for just aesthetic purposes. But licking them as if that man is a something delicious is not. That move will scare men into the thought that you will eat them alive when the two  of you are alone together. Perhaps, it is enticing sexually, yet it is often discomforting in public or social circumstances.

3. Flip Hair Incessantly

Flipping hair is a sexy and flirty move that men find attractive. However, not every hair flipping move is attractive. What I am talking about is flipping hair in a mannerism way, which is distracting. This move looks pretentious. Even, sometimes it damages food on the table and hurts the man’s face if hitting. Do not over use this one as it is one of the flirty moves that women think are cute but men hate.

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