12 flirty moves women do but men actually hate

10. Freshen Up Every Few Minutes

You know what? If you continually dash to the rest room to reapply the lipstick, or brush your hair every few minutes, men will not really notice your try.
Actually, instead, you should put as much your attempt into your appearance as you want before meeting that guy, yet focus the energy on making interesting conversations rather than worrying too much about your look.

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11. Laugh At Everything They Say

This move is rather similar to the 9th one. Laughing could be a good way to flirt, but just true when things are really funny. Nevertheless, if you speak to a guy and laugh at everything he says, then you might confuse him and come off looking slightly ditzy.
To fix this, you should smile often (as no one likes a sullen date) and laugh when you feel really funny, not when you think that you should laugh.

12. Use A Baby Voice

This problem is twofold: if it is used properly, it is interesting and cute, but if being over used, it is annoying. So, do not do it under any context.

If you really like that man and want him to like you back, then it is better for you to be honest and sincere. If he does not like you back, you should find out the source of the problem and if possible, handle it. Hope that these dating tips have helped you somewhat in improving your relationship !

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