20 foods that cause miscarriage in early pregnancy

13. Pearl Barley


Containing a large amount of amino acid necessary for the human body, the pearl barley could supply the energy and improve resistance power on those hot days. Pearl-barley is an energy-inducing food that might cause miscarriage. Yet, for women, they can consume a sensible amount of pearl barley to have smooth and bright skin, alleviate wrinkles and eliminate freckles as well as brown spots.

14. Purslain


Purslain is easy-to-grown, and find. Being an herbal remedy as well as food, purslain is cold in nature. In reality, purslain could stimulate the uterus and enhance the intensity and time of the uterus’s elasticity, increasing the likelihood of miscarriage.

15. Medlar


With its sour, sweet, and acrid flavors, medlar is very suitable for those pregnant women to calm down their morning sickness. However, it is not a good idea, indeed. Researchers showed that medlar has the ability to excite the uterus and boost the elasticity, inducing miscarriage along with pre-mature birth.

16. Longan


Longan is popular in Asian countries and a favorite fruits of many people due to its sweet and tasty characteristics. Yet, it is one of the foods that cause miscarriage because while getting pregnant, women usually feel “inner heat” and experience constipation. This fruit is hot in nature, possibly causing hot feelings, bleeding inside, fetal derangement, damage the fetus, and even miscarriage.

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