What is fractionation seduction method men use to seduce women?

If you have seen a man who walks up to a woman in a pub and then in no more 20 minutes later, you see that she is kissing him and even leaving the pub with him, then he may be using the so-called fractionation. Fractionation is popularly rumored to give guys the powers in seducing women using some psychological techniques. It is a technique invented by John Grinder, a Neuro Linguistic programming expert and a famous psychologist named Carl Jung. The fractionation seduction is a method combined by hypnosis, advanced human psychology and persuasion.

The fractionation normally will mess the mind of a woman. It has been referred to as controversial, amoral, or a dark art. Because of that power, it is said that just men with good intentions should consider using this special technique – not often. It is believed that a man if using fractionation techniques could seduce a woman and get her in bed in just 15 minutes of encountering her. To be honest, just a few people understand the secrets of fractionation seduction, yet it is increasingly becoming an effective formula helping men attract women.

Fractionation seduction

How Is Fractionation Seduction Done?

You could not only walk up to a woman and say things in order to get her feelings going. Despite fractionation is hyped to work for anybody, there should be a prepared playing field. Before trying fractionation, you need to work on leadership skills, social skills, your confidence, special interests, and knowing your area to find out the hot spots around your city. Simply put, fractionation uses the so-called neuro-linguistic programming routines along with emotional triggers to develop such a strong rapport of emotions with women. It is not simple at all, yet here we from Wikiyeah.com will elaborate.

The goal of this process is triggering a roller coaster of emotions that may confuse your woman’s emotions towards you. It sounds rather similar to the process of seduction, considering that the emotion mess will prevent a woman from making a lucid decision about the way she really feels about you.

What is interesting about this technique is that you could build an emotional bond with her without her even knowing.

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Fractionation Seduction – How Men Seduce Women Using Emotions

1. Know Your Area

It is helpful for you to know some hot spots of your area before you go out to pick up a girl. This is very important if you are a newbie in this field. After all, if you are just a beginner on picking up girls, then maybe the best place for you to start is somewhere nearby. After knowing the area rather well, you could practice your social skills and widen your social circle. It is worth noting that girls seem to respond more to men who are social than to men who do not seem to know anyone else.

2. Get Her Attention

The next step of the fractionation seduction technique after knowing well your area is grabbing her attention. To put in simple words, it is learning how to get women really interested. There are three basic methods used by the experts when developing fractionation seduction, which are peacocking, negging and starting a conversation. The first: men will wear very eye-catching outfits, such as red shirts, overly elaborate suits, or cowboy hats. The second: men will point out something negative a woman and irk her into beginning a discussion about that point. It is recommended that the statement men use is not too offensive. The third: men can start a conversation with the woman they like and bow out before it turns to deep. After a certain short amount of time, men could resume that conversation and allow it to last a little bit longer. This is a push-and-pull method keeping her on her toes and increasing the curiosity about you.

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2. Develop A Level Of Trust By Letting The Woman Get To Know You Better

After the woman shows her interest and gets engaged in your conversation, you can tell something rather personal about yourself. Even if possible, you can tell her one of your secrets. It is suggested that people sharing personal information tend to be more attractive to their own counterparts.

3. Ask Her To Recall A Happy Or Ecstatic Experience To Incite Positive Feelings

When your conversation deepens, you could look for a chance to ask the woman about the moment eliciting feelings of ecstasy, joy, or any positive feelings. Allow her to talk about it in details before getting into the next stage. [Read moreDoes she love me? 14 subtle signs she is head over heels for you]

4. Ask Her To Recall An Scaring Or Depressing Experience To Incite Negative Feelings

After discussing about her happy moment, you could move into a sadder topic. Open up about something random that many people feel sad about, such as a traumatic breakup. If you are not afraid to push boundaries, open up about a pet or a relative recently died. In case that does not work, you could discuss something making you angry, be it a political stance which both of you agree on or something that disturbs news.

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5. Repeat The 3rd And 4th Step Twice

Transition from those topics at least two times by saying to your partner that those sad topics are too serious for the moment. After discussing about a happy topic, you could transition to another sad one again.

When it comes to the process of how men seduce women using emotions, the steps above mainly push a person to feel a whirlwind of emotions within just a short span of time. What a woman experiences in the context above is the catalyst of the method.

Oftentimes, women will feel more attracted to the one that they feel they could connect with. As the woman shared her most vulnerable and happiest moments with you, she will begin to see you as a confidant.

The conversation leaves an impression on that woman as it was not shallow. Even when a lot of people have conversations like that, it is still different as no two stories are the same. As a result, you become a special one to that woman, and this helps a lot upon building your relationship with her.

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How Effective Is Fractionation Seduction?

Those people promoting fractionation say that this method works as fast as 15 minutes, yet that is not precisely true. Now and then, it will not work as rapidly as that, as each person tends to approach the method in different ways.

After taking a woman to your home, earned some dates with her, remember that your process has just started.To make it work no matter your status is, you should follow the steps above while also having to avoid some things when making use of this fractionation seduction technique, which are:

  • Asking for morning intercourse after spending all night having it – she may be tired or sore.
  • Talking too much about how other girls or hot mutual friends are
  • Complaining about the period of girls
  • Telling an angry woman to keep calm – this might be among the most infuriating behaviors
  • Posting your photos that you hang out with some women
  • Acting cocky
  • Not having good body odor or general hygiene

If you are not experienced in talking, flirting and exuding confidence, then the steps above are not worth so much. If you do not get any success in any step above, the concept of fractionation will not work at all. You may turn off a woman as the method you selected for the first step did not work. You may make her uncomfortable from asking too much personal information. Even worse, you can offend her once you do not approach the conversation with her with sensitivity and tact.

To help fractionation seduction work, you should be confident as well as eloquent enough in order to pull it off. Despite the appearance plays a big part, yet the whole concept of fractionation often relies on the way a guy steers a conversation to those topics he wants to discuss.

It will be a good idea to practice talking to your own friends, let them judge how confidently you are. Just practice in front of the mirror, with your colleagues or even your boss – that is as hard as talking to a girl, right?

There are two possible chances: if you are successful, you are on the way to get your dream girl. If not, you will grasp some lessons and try it again. Make sure that you use the fractionation seduction in a responsible way. Do not take advantage of someone by using this technique.

After reading this article “Fractionation seduction – How men seduce women using emotions”, hope that you can apply this technique on your next date. Then, see how well you connect with your dream woman.