Are you just friends or more? 12 subtle signs

Have you ever heard the saying: love is friendship set on fire? In fact, they are not wrong. When you have already had something so precious and profound with a friend, how do you know that there is not something more than just friendship? Something deserves to be developed more? Sometimes, two friends could have many happy things in common which a simple friendship could turn into something more complex throughout the time.

If you are the perfect other half for one another, then two of you will fall in love with each other inevitably as long as the friendship is great and there is an ideal portion of attraction behind the surface. If you are wondering you are just friends or more, then use 12 signs you should be more than just friends here to find out. Keep reading on!

Are You Just Friends Or More?

Friends or more

1.They Are Always There For You

Friends or more? Assume that you are in trouble, and you think about them. You take comfort in the fact that they will be there for you, always. This is one of subtle signs you two should be more than just friends. If you have a friend like this, it is relatable. It makes you wonder if there is more than just friendship with them.

2. You Could Be Yourself Around Them

Another sign answering your wonder “friends or more” is how comfort you are when being around them. No matter how you are, they still find you adorable. You do not need to hide something negative about you in front of them. You are genuine and honest to each other, be it sharing bad selfies or not having enough money for doing something, you feel that you and that friend are perfect for each other.


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3. You Regularly Talk To Each Other

It might start off as an occasional call in order to exchange some gossips, yet over time, those calls become more frequent and last longer. Over time, you two cannot imagine how to go to bed without having such conversation. You could talk for hours, and do not feel that silences are awkward. This is because you feel comfortable with them and share great chemistry.  If you have ever been there, then it is more than just friends between you and that friend.

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4. You Friends Like Them

Are you friends or more? Ask your friends. Ffriends are usually a good indicator when it comes to choosing a life partner. If your friends do not like your partner, you should look for the reasons behind it soon. This is because your friends, as a third party, will have an unbiased approach to the issue. They could see the little things that you often miss as you are too close to the situation. If your friends like him/her, then congratulate!

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