Getting back together with an ex: 11 clear & subtle signs

After a relationship ends, there comes a time where people involved may question their decision. You may ask yourself: “should we give it one more chance?” and wonder about the chance of getting back together. You will make a list of pros and cons, go back and forth. After completing the list, sometimes it is difficult to tell whether or not the breakup was a mistake. Within you, there are many conflicting feelings and it is very hard to decipher the logical part and emotional part of your brain. Before we go into discussing about the topic of getting back together, you should understand a tricky thing that it is not always black and white. Room for gray is much. Knowing when to end a relationship is not easy, but after some time away from your significant other, you will figure out what is the best for you. No matter what you decide, it is still important to avoid a dramatic on-again / off-again relationship. If you are not sure about getting back together with an ex, then the following signs will help you make your decision more easily. Check out on!

Getting Back Together – Should You Do?

Getting back together

1. The Problem Is Fixable

If the cause of your breakup has been fixed, then you could think about getting back together. If the reason was about he refused to marry you, yet he is interested in getting married now, you could reconsider about a reunion.

2. You Do Not Have An Affection With Anyone Like With Him

Another sign that you should get back with your ex is to ask yourself if there are any man bringing to you the feelings like your ex. If you have tried hard to move on, but all other men that you have dated after your ex were just pathetic in comparison, maybe you should get back with him.

3. You Two Both Want The Same Things

After breaking up with your ex, you date someone new, and then you realize that the grass is not always greener on the other side. It is a sign that you are not ready for a new relationship. Now, you see that the grass you were one in the past were even greener. And if you two have such realization, it is time to go back to the grass you used to know and try to cater for it.

4. Good Memories Are More Than Bad Ones

When thinking of your ex, do you remember the good or bad memories? In case that most of your memories with your ex are positive, it is good. Why don’t you get back with them for a new try?

5. You Can Forgive Him After All

After all, you find yourself be able to forgive him for what he has done wrong in the past. It signals that getting back together with an ex is not a bad idea.

6. People Around You Love Him

If people around you, particularly your family and friends approve of him, then you should consider about getting back together. They may have higher standards for you than what you have for yourself.

7. You Can Bring Out Of The Best In Each Other

When you were with your ex, were you a sweeter, nicer person? If he can bring out of the best in you, it is advisable to get back with him.

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8. You Are Miserable Without Each Other

After a while of breaking up, you both realize that your life is not worth living without your ex and so does him, then why suffer longer? It could take time away from each other to realize that you are better together than being apart. Obviously, after a breakup, there will be some miserable feelings, yet if those feelings never seem to pass, you may not over each other. In such case, give your ex a second chance.

9. Timing Is Right

When it comes to love, timing is very important, even everything. It is as important as chemistry.

10. You Are Both Matured

If you and your ex are both more mature than previous, you should have an easier time considering fixing the problems driving you apart in the past.
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11. You Are Willing To Make Him A Priority

Relationships need attempt from both partners. If you want him, you should be willing to do what you could to make him happy, including getting back together.

Well, now you have known some signs that you should get back together with your ex. However, before making a final decision, you should understand some ground rules for getting back together with an ex here:

  1. Do not view it as a new relationship
  2. Be real about your time of being apart
  3. Understand why you really want to get back together
  4. Cover the old issues
  5. Acknowledge what you will get into