5 big signs you are giving too much in a relationship

When it comes to relationships, selfless and doing more for other people than they do for you are highly appreciated and recommended. However, anything that is too much is not good and selflessness is not always a good thing. It could cost your happiness. When you start giving too much in a relationship, other people will take it for granted and leave you when you do not have anything left to give.

If you are wondering if you are giving too much in a relationship, then read on this article to check out the clear and subtle signs. These tell-tale signs are collected by Wikiyeah.com.

5 Tell-Tale Signs You Are Giving Too Much In A Relationship


1. People Take Advantage Of Your Kindness

If you put other people before yourself, then as a nature of human beings, selfish people will start to pay attention to you, including your acquaintances. They will consciously and subconsciously make use of you by expecting you to always be there for them for doing whatever they want. In case you cannot help them in terms of monitory demands, they will think of emotional demands. However, when you want them to do something for you, they will quickly disappear without clear reasons.

It is likely that those people taking advantage of you will tell some other stories about your kindness and probably make fun of you. So, it is better for you to learn to say no. Learning how to say no is hard at the beginning, but once you can master that skill, you can feel better and happier.

If you still want to maintain your selfless and kindness, you can engage in charity activities or social work. The fact is, it is better to help those strangers who really need the help from you than those acquaintances who do not appreciate your attempts.

2. You Hide Your True Feelings

In regard to signs you are giving too much in a relationship, this is a subtle sign to watch for. As a selfless individual, you may not feel the way other people do. As a result, you start to keep silent if other people have opinions different from you or you do not agree with. It seems that you care too much about how other people perceive you and their opinions. You try to make people like you by following all what they want.

Yet, you need to stop doing so instantly because it means you lose yourself in relationships. Instead, you should be completely yourself and speak out your opinions.

Of course, there are some cases when you are in a crowd but still feel like you do not belong there, but the social pressure make you be a part of the crowd. Yet, remember that you cannot change other people, but you. You could change yourself by knowing when to say no and when to reject the demands of other people. By that way, you are letting other people know that you do not feel happy with the way they are treating you. Then, learn to express your emotions and feelings. It is natural to express your true feelings, particularly to the ones who have not been treating you well.

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3. You put your needs below others’

Well, it does not mean that you should always put your needs before others’. However, in fact, selfless people have a tendency of ignoring their personal needs, regardless of the strength of the needs, to help fulfill other people’s needs.

Remember that if you are not being treated well by other people and they do not even consider your needs, then it is obvious that you are the one who needs to change. The best people of whom you can put your needs aside for theirs are your parents as well as your blood relations as they really care about you. For other people, if they do not get out of their comfort zone to make you happy and please you, it implies that they do not deserve your effort.

Over time, you will start to realize that you do not have any value in front of other people. It will not make you sad but also lower your self-confidence. The consequence of low self-confidence is the failure in professional life. So, such problems will not only hurt your personal life but also your career.

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4. You Have No Time To Care For Yourself

Sometimes, it is necessary to break from the hectic life you are having. This will allow you to have chances to care for yourself. If you see yourself having too little or even no time to pamper yourself, but other people’s such as your friends or acquaintances, then it is a sign you are giving too much in a relationship.

It is true that friends are an important part of everyone’s life and you need to give before receiving. However, once your see that giving too much or doing too much is causing some problems in your life, then it is when you are wrong. Stop and reconsider the things that you have done in the past. You need to change some things in your habits and your routine as well. By changing things, you will get more time for yourself.

Spending time on pampering yourself is not just good for your physical health but also emotional and psychological well-being as well.

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5. You Attract Needy People A Lot

The last but not least important signs you are giving too much in a relationship is your attraction towards needy people. Needy ones want somebody to be there all the time. There is a popular characteristic in needy people which is the fear of being alone or not having somebody by their side when they are coping with emotional distress. Those people often suck positive energy from you.

If you spend too much time with them, you then will feel emotionally vulnerable and sad. When they find happiness, you will be left in a pool of blue. As mentioned before, physical demands are as crucial as the emotional ones, thus this is when your emotional needs should be considered seriously.

We are our biggest enemies. When you let other people treat you badly, they will obviously treat you badly. So, if you want to avoid being taken advantage of in a relationship, then watch for these signs that you are giving too much in a relationship. Good luck!