Has he lost interest in me? 15 warning signs to watch for

In romantic relationships, one partner cannot make the other one care if they do not want to do it by heart. If your relationship has come to a point where you wonder about ways to make your partner care to make the relationship work, then you have already reached to the stage in which your partner does not care about it anymore. If they care, you will not feel the need to wonder it at the beginning.

In fact, not everything is under your own control, particularly how people feel about you and where they decide to put their time and care into. Despite this is a harsh truth, you need to accept that fact. If you are wondering “Has he lost interest in me?” then read on this list to check out 15 out of tell-tale signs your partner has lost interested in the relationship and YOU as well. Take a look from Wikiyeah.com!

He Has Lost Interest In Me? Don’t Skip These 15 Big Signs

Has he lost interest in me

1. They Are Indecisive

Recently, you have realized that you partner gets indecisive? They keep playing the cat and mouse game. When you want to call your relationship a quit, they begin thinking of getting back together. However, what you should do is to avoid letting them taking advantage of you. Also, tell them that relationships are not determined by just one partner. If your partner cannot accept the fact, then you need to leave for sure because whether you choose to stay or leave, it is not a concern of them.

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2. Their Do Not Spend Time With You

No matter how busy your partner is, it is still important for him to give you time. Time, once given, could not be taken back. Partners always and should give one another time in their relationship because this is a way of showing love and care for one another. If your partner tells you they are too busy and cannot spend a few hours to come back home and have dinner with you. It is one of the clear signs he has lost interested in you.

3. Their Needs And Demands Are Their Focus, Rather Than You

When you make sure that the needs and desires of your partner are accordingly met, but all what they do is related to their “me-world”, then it is a warning sign that they do not care about you as well as your relationship. Or, maybe, they are not serious about your relationship. When your partner stops caring, they have lost interest in you.

4. Their Behaviors Towards You Are Arrogant

If he continually brings you down by using their charm, power or high rank, then it is a clear sign he has lost interest in you. They do not care enough to protect your own feelings.

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5. They Blame You

For even the little things, your partner still blames you when it is not your mistake. He does not care enough about the health of your relationship. Putting blames on you steadily becomes a habit. It is a red flag showing that he has lost interest in your relationship. If they really care about you, they will take the blame and not the other way around. It is just a small thing people often do when they love.

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