Has he lost interest in me? 15 warning signs to watch for

6. They Are Disrespectful

To find the answer for your question “Has he lost interest in me?” you need to find out whether or not he respects you. If your man shows disrespect for the things which matter to you – whether it is about a decision related to your career, or religious beliefs, then you do not need to stay with a person who could not treat the things you value with equal respect.

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7. They Do Not Support You

Is he supportive to you? It is not good to be with a person who does not support you in daily life, be it financial, social, moral, emotional or personal. Support is one of the most basic factors in long-lasting relationships. Support can make each partner grow.  So, if he shows a lack of support to your relationship, it is a big sign that they have stopped caring for your relationship and you as well.

Support is more than saying the things that are the same to what you say, or going to the places where you want to go, or hanging out with the same people you hang out with. It is deeper than mediocre things.

8. They Make You Feel Worthless

In relationships, everybody deserves to be praised at least at some point of their lives for doing something okay. However, if your man makes you feel like you could not do or say anything right, if he continually criticizes you and picks fights with you, then you may be with the wrong person. A man who just makes you feel worthless is the one who has lost interest in you, to be honest.

9. Your Relationship Just Revolves Physical Intercourse

If the only indulge in your relationship is about physical, then it is time to end your relationship. If he really cares about you, he will care for your emotional, mental life, not just physical only.

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10. He Tries To Change You

If your man makes you feel not being yourself when you are with him, he may not be the right guy for you. If he cares about you, they will never try to change you, in fact, they may do the opposite to help you enjoy a happy, healthy relationship. However, a careless partner seems to make you change yourself in many ways, thereby making your feel exhausted.

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