Has he lost interest in me? 15 warning signs to watch for

11. He Starts Lying Or Cheating On You

If your man is serious about your relationship, he will never cheat on you. It is just when he stops caring or loses interest in you and he wastes his time with someone else. You need to tell yourself that it is not about you but him. You did not break the loyalty, he did.

12. He Does Not Make Effort To Protect You

It does not have to saving you from an accident or from a burning house. Sometimes, all what it takes to save a loved one is reminding them who they are, support them in finding their real place in life, giving them a flicker of hope. If your man does not show any interest in asking you how you feel or what you are going through, then he no longer cares for you.

13. He Makes You Cry More Than Often

When your man hurts you and makes you cry, and even does not come to make sure that you are still okay, could they be more non-serious and careless about your relationship? He seems to not bother about the consequences their actions and words will have on you. That is when you know it is time to let go.

14. He Does Not Bother Remembering What You Say

One of the clearest answers for your question “Has he lost interest in me?” lies in their attention towards what you say. When you really care about a person, you will remember what they say, at least the important one. When you do not care, you are just hearing. If your man does not bother recall what you said just yesterday or a few minutes, despite it is very important, then you should take it a assign he does not love you enough to listen to what you say.

15. He Has Commitment Issues

In relationships, it is not always about you or your partner. Relationships need commitments and compromises now and then. When it comes to commitment in a relationship, if your man has fear committing, then maybe for them, it is not necessary to care about where the relationship goes.

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