He stops texting me: 13 reasons and what to do

Texting is a fundamental part of dating, love and relationships nowadays. This is a new chapter incorporated with a lengthy list of guidelines and rules that people involved have to follow in order to keep your love interest. One of the most common questions from girls when it comes to dating and texting is that, “Why did he suddenly stop texting me?” You may complain, “He stops texting me”, and when you say it, it does not mean that he has not texted you in the past a few hours. When a guy have been stopped texting you all of a sudden, do not let your friends fool you by telling you that he may not have his phone, does not check his text messages a lot, does not like to text, because he really does. When most men stop responding you, they actually have a reason. Before learning what to do if he stops texting you, discover 7 most common reasons why he stopped texting you below – from Wikiyeah.com.

He stops texting me

I. He Stops Texting Me – 7 Reasons

1. You Are Too Available

This may be the most common reason why he stopped texting you. Like anyone else, guys like a chase. If they send you text messages and you always respond almost instantly, then they will get bored. So, to avoid this, you should keep yourself a little busy, even it is not real. Do not be on your phone all day long waiting for his calls or texts. If possible, find a hobby to distract yourself from the phone.

2. You Texted Him Too Often

Even when at first he enjoyed talking to you, nobody likes a ton of texts each minute. If you look at your conversation and realize that it is all blue and gray, then there is something wrong.

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3. You Said Too Much

Another reason why he stops texting you is your overload words. Do not write a novel when he just asks you “what’s up” or “how are you”. Just tell your guy what he asked.

4. He Suspected Your Loyalty

If your guy has heard that you has seen you text other men, chances are he will stop texting you. In simple words, a guy will not talk to you when you are talking to a lot of men. Even when you do not sleep with these guys, just simple texts, you should still put yourself in his shoes to know what he feels. Would you want to date a man who keeps texting someone else?

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