10 amazing health benefits of lemongrass you may not know

5. Strengthen Nervous System

There are a lot of studies showing that lemongrass could improve as well as strengthen the function of the human nervous system. Indeed, you could apply some lemongrass oil on the skin because it has a warming effect, thereby helping relax muscles and relived cramps. Therefore, those women with menstrual cramps could use this to know how to relieve menstrual cramps in such an all-natural way. Just remember that you need to use a carrier oil to mix with the essential oil and avoid applying it directly onto the skin by itself.

6. Relieve Inflammation

Yes. This is a benefit of lemongrass that you should not overlook. This amazing herb could help people relax and relieve cramps, as mentioned before. Also, it has been well-known for reliving various irritability and inflammation issues associated with pains and aches, like muscle pain, toothache, and joint pain. [Read: home remedies for a tooth ache]

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