8 proven nutritional & health benefits of quinoa seeds

If you are looking for information about benefits of quinoa, then you have come to the right place. For those who are trying to add more healthy whole grains or ancient grains to their diet, they should choose quinoa as a nutritious and easy-to-prepare whole grain to start with. Quinoa, in fact, is a great food not only for vegetarians as well as vegans, but also for anyone who is looking for lowering their cholesterol level and adding fiber to their diet plan. However, be aware that there are some kinds of quinoa, so the nutrient content will be slightly different among them. Take a look from Wikiyeah.com to see which the most appreciated benefits of quinoa are!

8 Benefits Of Quinoa – Health And Nutritional Facts

Benefits of quinoa seeds

1. Amongst The Most Protein-Rich Food Ever

Quinoa is considered as one of the most protein-rich foods people can eat. It is a complete protein including all 9 essential amino acids. [Read: best protein sources for weight loss]

2. Contain Much More Fiber Than Other Grains

Quinoa is known as the richest source of fiber in compared with other grains. Fiber is beneficial for relieving constipation. Also, it helps prevent heart disease by decreasing high blood pressure and diabetes. Thanks to the high content of fiber in quinoa, consuming it can help you lower cholesterol and glucose levels, thereby help you lower the risk of developing hemorrhoids and might help you lose weight because it takes a longer time to chew than other foods do. As a result, it makes you feel much fuller for a longer period of time and is less energy dense which means it offers less calories for the same amount of food. [Read: most nutritious fruits in the world]

3. Iron Rich Content

Iron can keep the red blood cells healthy and is the basis of the formation of hemoglobin. Normally, iron will carry oxygen from one cell to another cell and provides oxygen to the muscles to support in their contraction. Iron also increases the brain function as the human brain might take in about 20% of the blood oxygen. The benefits of iron include neurotransmitter synthesis, body temperature regulation, energy metabolism and enzyme activity support.

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