8 proven nutritional & health benefits of quinoa seeds

4. Aid Against Diabetes

Scientists showed that quinoa is rich in an antioxidant named quercetin and that quinoa had the highest overall antioxidant activity. Quinoa, kañiwa, and other traditional crops from the Peruvian Andes have potential in developing effective dietary strategies for managing type 2 diabetes and associated hypertension.

5. Lower Cholesterol

Thanks to the high content of fiber – as mentioned in the previous part of this list of benefits of quinoa – quinoa can help in reducing cholesterol. Soluble fiber combines with bile acids to be excreted by the human body and in return, decreased total cholesterol and levels of “bad” LDL cholesterol. Quinoa offers a healthy alternative to the animal-based protein.

6. Control Blood Pressure

It is known that quinoa contains the highest potassium levels among all types of grains, a mineral necessary for balancing sodium blood levels and maintaining lower level of blood pressure. Quinoa is also rich in magnesium, the vasodilator which helps reduce blood pressure levels associated with quinoa intake might help reduce cravings. [Read: a full guide for lowering blood pressure – The blood pressure solution review]

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