Himalayan salt for skin care and acne – 5 useful tips

Himalayan salt, also known as Himalayan pink salt is said to be the purest form of the natural salt on the planet, hailing from the Pakistani Himalayan Mountains. It has been existed for millions of years, consisting of abundance of minerals and trace elements. Containing 84 nourishing trace elements and minerals which could not be found in normal processed table salt, this salt is beneficial for skin, hair, and some health issues. Previously, we introduce an article about Himalayan salt for migraines. Now, we from WikiYeah.com focus on how to use Himalayan salt for skin, including acne and other skin problems.

Himalayan Salt For Skin and Acne Treatment

Himalayan salt for skin

1. Himalayan Salt For Skin Conditions

If you are suffering from some common skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, acne, then using Himalayan salt could bring a big relief thanks to its antiseptic qualities. If your problem is severe, then you should having a Himalayan salt bath daily by adding 2-3 cups of Himalayan pink salt into your tub.

It will help heal the skin areas where you might have scraped or scratched your skin. Also, it helps to avoid infection and clean the open wounds where your skin might be bled or split.

Those with eczema should have a bath before going to sleep in order to have a more peaceful night. Also, it is effective against blisters and insect bites.

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2. Himalayan Salt For Acne

In order to use Himalayan salt for acne treatment, you can follow the steps below:

  • Wet your skin with the warm water
  • Lather your hands with the salt and wash your face with Himalayan salt water as you do with facial soap.
  • Wait for one minute or two to let the salt work on your face
  • Rinse it off thoroughly
  • Do it for a week to see the improvement in your skin tone and prevent further acne breakout.

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3. Himalayan Salt For Dry Skin

You can use Himalayan salt for dry skin effectively. Take the steps below:

  • Add 2 tablespoons of Himalayan pink salt to a basin of warm water
  • Mix them till it dissolved, then splash it onto your face a few times
  • Repeat the routine every morning and night for about 1 week

That way you will get smoother, softer skin. Submerge a soft cloth into the basin and wring before placing it over your face.

Note: It is even worth for your breathing as well as congestion and stuffy sinuses.

4. Himalayan Salt Toner

You could make use of Himalayan pink salt to create an effective skin toner. Combine these ingredients properly as the recipe below, you will get a natural toner soon:

  • Filtered water: ½ cup
  • Himalayan pink salt: 2 teaspoons
  • Apple cider vinegar: 2 teaspoons
  • A few drops of your favorite essential oil, be it lavender oil, lemon oil, rose oil, tea tree oil, patchouli oil.

5. Himalayan Salt For Exfoliation

How to make your own exfoliating cream? Use Himalayan salt for skin exfoliation is one of effective options you should consider.

  • Mash up a banana and mix them with ½ teaspoon of fine crystal pink salts.
  • Massage it over your face in a circular motion, avoid the eye areas
  • If you do not like the smell of banana, replace it with strawberries or blueberries. The antioxidant properties in these berries will help you get softer, healthier skin naturally.

As an alternative, you can take these steps:

  • Mix 2 teaspoons of fine pink crystals with 1 cup of coconut butter
  • Keep the mixture in an airtight jar or tub.
  • When you want to exfoliate your body, work it over your whole body, and emphasize on the hard skin areas such as your feet and elbows.
  • Rinse it off with warm water to get soft, supple and smooth skin.
  • To get better smell, add a few drops of the essential oil of your choice.

Warning: It May Not Work for All Skin Types

Despite a lot of people claim that Himalayan salt has a variety of health and beauty benefits, everybody reacts to skin care products differently. Himalayan salt might not be as drying as the popular table salt, using brine might exacerbate some features of dry skin. The brine with a high salt concentration might have some different impacts on your skin. Himalayan salt is often found in facial scrubs which might not be ideal for those with sensitive skin.