11 home remedies for acid reflux and heartburn relief

10. Yellow Mustard

Another home remedy for acid reflux is yellow mustard which can help in neutralizing stomach acid. The vinegar content in this food is a weak acid that lowers the pH of stomach acid.

As acid reflux strikes, you can eat 1 teaspoon of plain yellow mustard for getting immediate relief. In case it is too strong, use a glass of water followed.

Yet, for some people, mustard might worsen the condition more. So, be careful.

11. Warm Water And Lemon Juice

When waking up, you can enjoy one glass of warm water with fresh lemon. This is the drunk on an empty stomach and about 15 minutes before eating your breakfast. The lemon juice can help balance out the acid levels of your stomach. This remedy is really cheap and simple to make for everyone.

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