10 natural home remedies for arthritis pain in back, hands & legs

When joint cartilage wears away, bone rubs against bone, leading to osteoarthritis. This is really painful. Simply put, arthritis is inflammation of one or more joints. In addition to pain, some popular symptoms are redness and swelling around the joint, limited movement in the affected body parts, and stiffness. In fact, there are over 100 different types of arthritis. Arthritis could vary from mild to severe cases.

Whichever you experience, there are some natural home remedies for arthritis pain to manage the pain and relieve the symptoms. Take a look from Wikiyeah.com!

10 Remedies For Arthritis Pain – Easy And Natural

Home remedies for arthritis

1. Weight Loss

When it comes to home remedies for arthritis, this is considered as the best remedy, yet is not the easiest. By maintaining a healthy weight, and reducing your excess weight, you will reduce the pressure on your bones and joints. Every pound you pare off means 4 pounds less pressure on your knees. It is pointed out that some people see their symptoms disappear if they lose 10-20 pounds. [Read: how to run to lose weight]

2. Exercise

We all know that exercise benefits the human health a lot. Physical activity is necessary for those with osteoarthritis, whether it means walking around your house or swimming laps. People used to think that exercise made arthritis condition worse, yet it is not true. Exercise regimes should contain both aerobic exercise, such as walking, biking, or swimming and strengthening exercises like isometric and isotonic exercises. So, this is one of the first and foremost home remedies for arthritis you need to apply right from now. [Read: home remedies for neck pain]

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