15 natural home remedies for bacterial vaginosis (BV treatments)

Though bacterial vaginosis is not a sexually transmitted disease (STD), starting a serxual relationship with a new partner could also upset the balance of bacteria in a woman’s vagina, and having BV could enhance the odds of actually contracting an STD.

In fact, bacterial vaginosis is a common kind of vaginal infection. Lots of “good” bacterial and some “bad” bacteria are normally present in the vagina. And, this mild infection happens when the balance between the good and bad bacteria is disturbed. The over-growth of “bad” bacteria leads to an inflammation of the vagina. In reality, the common symptoms of BV contain a white-grey, thin discharge, a fishy odor, itching, pain and burning, yet many women do not realize any symptom at all.  Females ranging from late teens to about mid-40 tend to be the most susceptible to developing bacterial vaginosis. Besides, specific activities, such as smoking or douching may increase the risk, yet the actual causes of bacterial vaginosis are unknown. Oftentimes, bacteria vaginosis is not serious and usually goes away on its own. The easiest way to cure this condition is through some natural home remedies for bacterial vaginosis, which might help a lot. Take a look from Wikiyeah.com to see how to treat BV at home! This article refers the information introduced in WebMD.

15 Home Remedies For Bacterial Vaginosis – Natural Ingredients For BV Cure

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Home remedies for bacterial vaginosis – Apple cider vinegar

When it comes to home remedies for bacterial vaginosis, apple cider vinegar is an excellent option. There are many benefits of apple cider vinegar you can take and one of them is to treat bacterial vaginosis.

Because of its acidic nature, apple cider vinegar could help enhance vaginal acidity, making it difficult for bad bacteria to survive, and create a better and healthier environment for the good bacteria to thrive.

  • Add 1 teaspoon of ACV into two cups of plain water.
  • Use this solution to douche your down-there area once per day till your infection disappears.

2. Yogurt

Home remedies for bacterial vaginosis – Yogurt

Among home remedies for bacterial vaginosis, this is the most common. Yogurt is jam packed with good bacterial, especially lactobacillus acidophilus – the bacterium that naturally presents in the body of a woman and helps in curing infection within the vagina by rebuilding the balance in bacterial levels. In fact, there are a few you can use make use of yogurt to get rid of bacterial vaginosis.

  • You can dip a tampon in the plain yogurt for 10 minutes or so
  • Then insert it into your vagina for about 2 hours in order to cure bacterial infection.
  • Besides, you should consume plain yogurt at least twice per day to take advantage of it

3. Tea Tree Oil

Home remedies for bacterial vaginosis – Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is the simple-to-find and effective herbal treatment for bacterial vaginosis. Tea tree oil includes natural bacterial and antifungal compounds that could be beneficial in killing the germs that lead to bacterial vaginosis. Also, it combats the awful smell – a common symptom of bacterial vaginosis.

  • You can mix several drops of tea tree oil in the tepid water
  • Rinse your own vagina with this natural solution once per day till your infection goes away.

Or, you just need to:

4. Garlic

Home remedies for bacterial vaginosis – Garlic

Garlic is a natural antibiotic which can work well to treat BV. In addition, its antifungal properties could keep the bad bacterial in check. You could eat raw garlic cloves or:

5. Fenugreek

Home remedies for bacterial vaginosis – Fenugreek

Fenugreek can be used to improve the pH level within the vagina and increase the immune system for accelerating the healing process. It is well-known as one of natural home remedies for bacterial vaginosis. You can use Fenugreek to treat BV in a few ways.

  • Soak one teaspoon of Fenugreek seeds in the water and wait till the next morning to drink it with your empty stomach.
  • Drink this tea thrice per day. This could also help you regulate the menstrual cycle.
  • Or, you can mix one teaspoon of Fenugreek powder to about 1 cup of yogurt and consume it twice per day. [Read: how to increase sex drive in men and women]

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