32 best home remedies for headaches: How to get rid of a headache?

19. Deep Breathing

There are a variety of relaxation therapies that could help deal with tension headache. Think of deep breathing or biofeedback.

20. Eat Greens

If you have a headache due to lack of sleep, then you can eat spinach or anything green to relieve your problem. Drink hot tea and then lay down with a hot damp rag on the head.

21. Butterbur

This little-known treatment for headaches is all natural and works well. Butterbur is the plant grown in Germany. Many extensive studies have proven that in the pill form. It is extremely effective in curing headache pain and asthma, and lessens upset stomachs. Though it could just be ordered online, it is safe.

22. Take A Walk

A great one in this list of home remedies for headaches, especially tension headaches, is taking a walk. Physical activity will help relieve your muscle tension. Normally, the muscles tend to want to stay doing whatever they are doing, and this could lead them to knotting up and shutting you down. So, if you are serious about learning how to get rid of headaches, the next morning, you wake up early and swing your arms to get the blood flowing and the muscles relaxing. Your chiropractor will be happy if you do it.

23. Sniff Some Cayenne Pepper

According to studies, this might be a remedy for the brave. Why? Favored by those people who have cluster headaches, a very small amount of cayenne is inhaled up the nose, placed on the tip of the tongue, or mixed with water and drank. This is not the solution for everyone but it works.

24. Basil

Basil is well-known for medicinal properties. It could be beneficial for severe headache. You can take some fresh basil leaves and then put it in one cup of the boiling water. Allow it to steep for a few minutes. Drink it up.

Also, you can chew some fresh basil leave if you have a mild headache.

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