How men fall in love with women – 7 stages of psychology

3. The Attraction – 3rd Stage

If an attractive girl reciprocates to a guy’s advances, he might enter into this stage. Occasionally, the signs that a man sends are not obvious, men just believe in themselves that the girl like them back and consequently, they start to chasing. This stage is about winning the attention of the girl. With this phase, men aim to get the notice of the girl and make her understand that they are into her. When the signal sent by men becomes clear, and the girl has given those men a shot, then they will move into the next stage. [Read: facts about men]

4. Impression – 4th Stage

In reality, understanding a man is complicated and understanding how men fall in love is not different. Yet, frankly, by this time, women are often actually falling in love, yet men, are not even close to it. This stage is about impressing the girl. All men want to do is to make the girl like him. Thus, he will show off most of the potentials of an ideal partner to her. He will plan dates and have ideas about gifts in order to please the girl. He is not in love, indeed, yet he wants something good to come out of this phase of impression.

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