How to apologize to your boyfriend after hurting him – 8 tips

3. Use Pictures And Emotions

If the quote cannot persuade you, use some pictures and emotions in your mess. Select some emotions or pictures which can show your deepest feeling to him and show him that your are very regretting of what you did or said. Let him know that you don’t intend to hurt him, it was the consequence of angriness. Make him feel comfort with your message but not a burden of having to forgive you. [Read: how to make a guy jealous]

4. Give Him Some Hand-Made Items

This way may the most powerful among ways of how to apologize to your boyfriend. Guys often consider hand-made items proves of the caring of girls for them. Then, when you messing up with him, spend your time doing something he likes to give him as an apology. It depends on your boyfriend’s hobbies. You can bake him a cake, cut a flower for him or may be just an album of his idols. [Read: how to make your boyfriend happy]

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