How to apologize to your boyfriend after hurting him – 8 tips

5. Arrange An Appointment With Him

You can plan an appointment with him at you guy’s memory place, like a cafeteria or a cinema. You should talk to him straightly and explain to him why you said the words which hurt him clearly. Looking in him eyes and use the words from your heart to persuade him to believe in your sincere. This is one of useful tips on how to apologize to your boyfriend, which is the most touching. Normally, a guy will forgive to his girlfriend if she use this way. If your guy still not forgive you. Read some ways below. [Read: romantic gestures for him]

6. Use Writing Letter

In this modern world, something like writing letter seem to be forgotten, therefore, they are always the things which can make someone be impressed. Spend your night when you are totally calm down, think about what you did and how hurt you might feel if he did  the same thing to you. Prepare some paper with the color he likes, write to him a letter containing your love and your apologies. [Read: best physical turn ons for guys]

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