How to apologize to your boyfriend after hurting him – 8 tips

7. Send Him Songs

If he is still mad at you after using the 6 above tips on how to apologize to your boyfriend, you can send him a song which is the special thing between you and him. That can be a song which can remind him of your beautiful time, a song on behalf of your apologies. He will know that if he really cares about you and he won’t let you wait for such a long time.

8. Cook A Meal To Him

You can prepare a meal for him with your special food, a love shape fried-egg with the soup he likes best. The love of man goes through their stomach, remember that and make him a delicious meal to show him how you care of him, how you want to take of him, how regret you feel now.

I hope conflicts will never appear in your relationships, this entry of how to apologize to your boyfriend after hurting him with 8 ways is just a reference document only.  Sometimes, sorry is not enough. Work on truly understanding why your partner feels hurt and trying to change any hurtful patterns. All things are up to your patience and sincere.

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