How to appreciate a woman – 8 ways men can do

4. Speak Out Your Appreciation

How to appreciate a woman? Of course, if possible, vocalize what you want to say. Whilst actions speak louder than words, women also like to hear the words from you guys about how much you appreciate them. For some men, this could be challenging and hard to express the feelings. If this is your case, then you should practice some phrases out loud in front of the mirror or to yourself.

5. Focus On The Small Things

If you pay enough attention to specific things she did for you and let her know that, then you are showing your appreciation to her the right way. Despite “I appreciate you…” “I love you…” are great reminders of your emotions for your woman, you can still make an attempt to stress some small things you love about her. For example, “I love the way you are gentle with the children”, “I love how you hold my hands in public”. By that way, you let her know that you care for the small things which make her so special in your eyes.

6. Pay Attention When She Expresses A Desire

If you woman express that she wish you would do something for you, then to appreciate her, you should listen to her and if possible, do it for her. Her desires do not have to cost much money. Just simply pay your attention when she expresses her desire, and do what you could to fulfill it is an effective way on how to appreciate a woman. The more you could fulfill her little things, the more she will know that you are appreciating her. [MORE: 8 ways to become a better listener]

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