How to appreciate a woman – 8 ways men can do

7. Respect Her

In relationships, respect comes in different forms. You can show your support towards her goals or you can support her decision with the children. Be honest. Keep your disagreements private. When a certain plan changes, communicate with her early and often to let her prepare well for it.

In addition, respecting also includes remembering the things which are important to her. You might not care about your birthday or Father’s Day, yet Mother’s Day or her birthday, your marriage’s anniversary should be the top-priority on your calendar.

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8. Break Some Rules

Another good way on how to appreciate a woman is to break some rules. This sounds strange but it does work well. Even when you have clearly defined the responsibilities in your relationship due to interest or skills, sometimes you should break the rule. For instance, if your wife does almost the shopping, now and then you could do it for her. Simply put, you can find the ways to break out of your daily habits and take some of her tasks. Despite you could not do them often, just occasional help could show her that you appreciate what she does for you as well as the family. Perhaps, after that, you may find that you love doing one of the tasks much more than your woman does.

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