How to approach a guy you like: 8 beginner & advanced tips

When it comes to dating and relationships, actually there are no rules. While traditional gender roles suggest that guys should be the aggressors and approach a girl they are interested in, girls are becoming more bold in catching for what they want. Who says you have to sit there and wait for the guy you like to come over to you in advance? You can be the person who does it first. Though it is easier said than done, yet you might be missing out on a lot of dating chances simply because you are shy, or afraid of rejection. Some men could be just as nervous and shy as women could, so you can help the man out a little bit and at least meet him half way. Here are a series of beginner and advanced tips on how to approach a guy you like at a gym, party or bar that you can use to take action now. Check out from!

How To Approach A Guy You Like At A Party Or Bar – 8 Simple Tips

How to approach a guy

1. Compliment Him

This is a beginner tip on how to approach a guy you like. Keep your head high, take a deep breath and throw him a compliment which will let him pay attention to you. This is considered as one of the simplest and easiest tips to approach a man without even embarrassing yourself. You could compliment his shirt, shoes, or whatever you find it interesting in the situation. It is really a good starter for a conversation, and after you could take it into any direction you like, as long as that guy responds with his smile.

Remember that, whatever you do, you should be genuine. People could spot a fake a mile away, and know when you are just searching for random thing to say versus really meaning what you say.

2. Simply Smile, Make Eye Contact And Say Hello

The next way on how to approach a guy you like is to say hello. This is a simple starter. Sometimes, all a guy needs to make the first move is to know that you are also interested or that you will not read him the riot act if he steps to you. If you appear approachable and happy, then men who find attracted by you will probably feel more comfortable coming over and striking up a conversation with you. Just a flirty glance, a friendly smile or simply saying hello might be all that is essential to get him moving, and he will take it from there. After all, who wants to talk to a girl with the gas face? Make use of your smile, be happy and men will approach you.

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