How to approach a guy you like: 8 beginner & advanced tips

3. Ask For His Name

Some of you might be wondering how to approach a guy who is shy. You see that man standing awkwardly at the party or bar, glancing around without the intention of approaching anyone. You could see a little bit of fear in his eyes, yet he is a kind of cute. Now, how to make a shy guy like you back? The answer is very simple; do not bombard him with tons of questions. Just simply glide over to him in a positive and calm way, and ask for his name. That way, he will not get shy, and you will have a chance to greet him, introduce yourself and break the ice for the two of you.

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4. Ask For The Time (Or Directions)

Directions or time – it does not really matter. At this point, you are an independent woman, and do not care what time it is. OF course, you acknowledge where you are going and how to get there. Yet, you want to approach that guy and get his phone number. Then, asking for the time or directions is the great manner to start a conversation with him. Yet, make sure that you do not wear a wrist watch on. However, if you don’t mind, wear your wrist watch on and your question might make it more obvious that you are interested in him, not the time.

Do not run away when he gives you the answer; try to keep the conversation going. This is also a good tip on how to talk to the shy guy you crush on because it is not so aggressive and direct. Shy guy could be a bit sensitive.

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