How to approach a guy you like: 8 beginner & advanced tips

5. Ask For His Advice

You can walk over confidently the guy you like and ask him to recommend you a beverage. Be it alcoholic or non-alcoholic. If he is not a big drinker, you could keep that conversation going. And, because you are not a big drinker yourself, so that is why you asked for his recommendation. There are a million manners you could do about it. Be smart, and be a little cocky. [Read: how to show your love]

6. Ask About The Game

You might not be the athletic kind, yet most men are. Perhaps, the bar is the worst place to approach a man. Nevertheless, if you find yourself in a bar where your potential Mr. Right is watching a game alone, then you are having a field and a green light. Now, how to approach a guy you like whilst he is watching a football match? Well, simply ask him about the rule regarding this sport. You should not ask something specific like the score because it is often shown off on the screen. He will be happier to show off his knowledge, and you will be able to continue the conversation more easily.

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