How to approach a guy you like: 8 beginner & advanced tips

7. Send Him A Drink

Yet, if you choose this way, you need to make sure that you know which type of drinks he likes. Ask the guy serving up drinks (the waiters or the bartender) to give him the same type or send him something symbolic. That way, he will come over to thank you, and you could start getting to know each other better. And, that also shows you are interested in him. This way you can introduce yourself to him, flirt more and the conversation should just flow from there. And, after sending him a drink, if he is then next to you, that is it. If he is not interested, he should still come over to thank you for the drink, and perhaps you can charm him into taking a second look. But, if he would have nodded and then went away, he might not be interested in you.

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8. Get Your Friends To Introduce You

With this advanced technique on how to approach a guy you like, you will approach him in an indirect way. Get your friend to introduce you to that guy. With the help of your friend, you still control the situation. Be spontaneous and invite him for a cup of coffee later.

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Once you can overcome the fear and know how to approach a guy you like, go for a night out on the city and test these tricks out. When using these tricks, just make sure that you are confident with your moves. Be confident as walking up to a guy, as if you know he is already interest and has been waiting for you to come over and introduce yourself. Actually, chances are you have something in common, yet do not know it yet.

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